(Note: Some instrumentalists are scheduled twice a month)

Weekend 1 songs and band for every month: BAND NAME The Clusters

SONGS: He is alive, Love won’t let me down, Embraced, and Over all i know.

Vocals: TBD

Instrumentalists: Reynard Wongso (Electric G) + Josiah Soetomo (Keys) + William Tadena (Drums)

Weekend 2 songs and band for every month: BAND NAME Infinity Clusters

SONGS: Faith Hope and Love, Let Go, We will move, Living Hope

Vocals: Asher Larson, Gabby Oquijano, Jaia Miller, Sarah Donelson, Brielle Thomson

Instrumentalists: John Sweeney (Keys) + Nicole Holaday (Keys) + Ian Cecchini (Electric Guitar) + Eva Donahoe (Drums)

Weekend 3 songs and band for every month: BAND NAME The End Clusters

SONGS: Grace, Not my own, Your love is enough, What a beautiful name

Vocals: Catherine Sramala, Bella Lahore, Sarah Lau, Michelle Setiohardjo, Annabelle Tirta

Instrumentalists: Matthew Enos (Keys) + Michelle Setiohardjo (Keys) + Josiah Soetomo (Keys) Reynard Wongso (Electric Guitar) + William (Drums)

Weekend 4 songs and band for every month: BAND NAME MarClustersVel

SONGS: No Longer Slaves, Go, Thank You, Embraced

Vocals: Cole Douglas, Lindsey Johnson, Léa Tafalla, Aubrey Olin

Instrumentalists: RC McLuckey (Keys) + Léa Tafalla & Chloe Thurber (Keys) + Eva Donahoe (Drums)

JHM Vocal Community: Annabelle Tirta, Asher Larson, Aurbey Olin, Bella Lahore, Brielle Thomson, Brooklyn Lippincott, Catherine Sramala, Cole Dougles, Gabby Oquijano, Ivy Roh, Jaia Miller, John Sweeney, Lauren Sutherland, Lindsey Johnson, Léa Tafalla, Michelle Setiohardjo, Olivia Le, Sarah Lau