HSM Teams and Songs for the year:

Note: Some instrumentalists are scheduled twice a month

Weekend 1 songs and band for every month: BAND NAME Cluster Hype

SONGS: He is alive, Love won’t let me down, Embraced, Over all i know, Fired Up

Vocals: Hannah Christensen, Sam Santiago

Instrumentalists: Josiah Konecky (Keys) + Jacob Quintinar (Electric Guitar) + Dante Delayo (Bass Guitar) + Kevin Lillie (Drums)

Weekend 2 songs and band for every month: BAND NAME Cluster Adobo

SONGS: Faith Hope and Love, Let Go, We will move, Living Hope, Hold my heart

Vocals: Kate Rodebaugh, Ian Escalante, Dana Juat, Skylar Paxton, Kyra Donavan, and Faith McAdams

Instrumentalists: Stephen Chang (Keys) + Jack Stevens (Keys) + Olivia Mock (Acoustic Guitar) + Nathan Kirk (Electric Guitar) + Dominick Peralta (Electric Guitar) + Hudson Trelor (Bass Guitar) + Chester (Drums)

Weekend 3 songs and band for every month: BAND NAME Potted Cluster Band

SONGS: Grace, Not my own, Your love is enough, What a beautiful name, Starlight

Vocals: Lindsey Lau, Sarah Harris, Kyle Diaz, Annie Chung, Tabitha Bradley

Instrumentalists: Cassidy Eilts (Keys) + Caleb and Winston (Keys) + Noah Crouse (Electric Guitar) + Caden Early (Electric Guitar) + Bekah Konecky (Bass Guitar) + Liam Scott (Bass)+ Wyatt Sutton (Drums)

Weekend 4 songs and band for every month: BAND NAME Its my cluster dude

SONGS: No Longer Slaves, Go, Thank You, Heart of God, Unknown

Vocals: Josie Renick, Grace Barrera, Luke Johnson, Anna Young, Abby Pogue, Mia Belmont

Instrumentalists: Shayla (Keys) + Aiden Haan (Keys) + JR Tate (Acoustic Guitar) + Dante Deloya (Electric Guitar) + Carson Brase (Electric Guitar) + Jonothon Offhause (Bass Guitar) + Ethan Quintinar (Drums)

HSM Vocal Community: Alicia Long, Andrew Laskey, Anna Bjorrnson, Anna Young, Annie Chung, Catherine Oneil, Dana Juat, Faith McAdams, Grace Barnes, Grace Barrera, Grace Khalili, Hannah Christensen, Holly Buck, Ian Escalate, JR Tate, Jonah Carbonel, Josie Reincke, Kate Rodebaugh, Kyle Diaz, Kyra Donovan, Lindsey Lau, Luke Johnson, Maddy Willford, Mandy Hansen, Michelle Luna, Paityn Bowen, Rosie Chang, Sam Santiago, Sarah Harris, Skylar Paxton, Tabitha Bradley